SJ Morgans at Cactus Ridge Ranch

Springlake Jacki O, 2002 (Really Commanding x  Dulcie Lenda)  Jacki has the most refined head of any of my girls.  She passes it on to her foals.  A quick trip through history and her pedigree finds a picture of Lippitt Dulcie with the same refined face.  Jacki could be her reincarnation the looks are so similar.  Jacki is a sensitive mare with lots of "go".  She loves to leave home at a brisk trot or canter and would do it for hours.  She is gaited, though my knowledge of gaiting nomenclature is limited, I would call her gait an amble.  It is definitely not a trot but it's just as fast.  She is my go to horse for gymkhana, a trail ride alone or with others, a horse to simply enjoy in the round pen bridle less, whatever.  She has feet of iron, has never worn shoes and I've had her over some very rough country, she never missteps.  I think of her as my mountain goat, she will tackle anything, steep and rocky are no big deal.

Eldar's Really Elegant, 2001 (Really Commanding x Fyne Ally Mist)  Ellie is the herd mediator/leader.  She is very clever, opens doors and gates with a twitch of her nose.  She has raised some of our finest foals, her mothering style is laid back.  She definitely watches out for her babies but lets them do a little exploring on their own.  Her foals are always the most confident and outgoing of the herd.  Ellie is a sensible lady on the trail, she has carried novice riders safely up and down technical trails.  She plays the auntie to other weanlings and foals showing them the way to the best hay and grass.  She does trend a little hot when an experienced rider takes her out, turning on that show dazzle that she inherited from her sire line.  She stands over 15.1 hands and seems much taller with her natural "look at me poise"